Nursery News

In August we welcomed Glenn Morrison to Carbost Nursery. We have had a very busy term!

Here are some photos of some of the things we have done, which include butterflies, baking and building!



Sponsored Walk

The whole school organised a Sponsored Walk this week to raise money for school funds.

So far, we have raised an an amazing amount of £763!

Thanks you all for your support!

Here are some photos of us all!




Carbost FC News


The final tournament of the season, which took place today at Broadford, was a new format – with all the competing players being split into mixed teams at P1-2, P3-4 and P5-7.

Carbost FC was represented by Grant and Logan at the junior level, Robaidh at P4 and Aiden, Tom, Aaron, Jess and Charlie at the seniors. As ever, all concerned gave 100% and did themselves credit – with Robaidh, Aiden, Tom and Charlie all registering multiple terrific goals.

Further to that, I would like to thank all the players who have represented Carbost FC this season. As I’ve said before, they have done so admirably. They’ve played in the right spirit, and with smiles on their faces at all times and it’s been my pleasure to take them for all the tournaments. I hope they have enjoyed it as much as I have.

On behalf of all us, I’d also like to wish Aiden, Megan, Jay and Matilda all the very best, now that they have officially graduated to the high school ranks.

And lastly, thank you once again to all the parents for all their unstinting support throughout.

I’m going to let us all have a little break now, but indoor training for next season will resume at Minginish Hall on Monday 23 October 5pm-6pm – and at that day and times in term times. Hope to see next year’s teams there then.


Guide Dogs Talk by Rhia

At our Assembly on Wednesday 30th August, Rhia spoke to us about the Guide Dog puppy she sponsors. He is called Bolt and is the second puppy Rhia has sponsored.

Everyone enjoyed hearing about Guide Dogs and Rhia spoke very confidently in front of everyone.


Carbost FC: Plockton 7’s Tournament


Carbost FC on Saturday competed in the second part of the Skye & Lochalsh 7’s tournament. We were represented by a 10-strong squad – Aaron, Donny, Jess, Mathilda, Tom, Finlay, Heather, Robaidh, Aidan and Charlie – who yet again gave their all in a series of tough games against invariable older teams.

By a quirk, this half of the draw paired us against four of the five strongest sides (physically especially) in the competition, but we started brightly and competitively in our opening two fixtures. In the first, we went toe to toe with Broadford A, whose striker towered over most of our adults, losing by just the odd goal. In the second, we held Portree B to a goalless draw and played some neat, incisive football at times, too. In each of these games, Tom marshalled our backline excellently and with our own Duracell Bunny, Donnie, back in the ranks, we scrapped for every ball, Heather’s and Mathilda’s jumping into tackles typifying the attitude of the whole team.

The next two games were more challenging. We lost 2-0 to a good Sleat side and then 3-0 to a powerful NW Skye A. Especially in the latter match we lost a little discipline and paid the price. However, the players learnt from this lesson, listened and we came out for our final match against title-challengers Macdiarmid and put in our best performance of the season.

With Finlay, then Jess, and Donnie and Aaron forming a strong line across the back, Tom and Aidan buzzing about midfield, and Charlie spring-heeled up front, we took the game to a side needing a win to potentially claim the tournament from first whistle to last. In the end, there were again no goals, though Carbost FC went close on more than one occasion – and on the only two times we were breached at the other end, Robaidh excellent saves.

Overall, this young Carbost FC side has shown itself more than capable of competing with any opposition. With a bit more experience and self-belief, we can look forward to an even better year ahead.

Thanks once again to parents and siblings for unfailing support, and will see you all to go again one more time this season in Broadford on Saturday 9 September.


Twitter: @paulreesQ


Carbost FC News


Carbost FC had a 12-strong squad competing in the Soccer 7’s tournament in Portree last Saturday, 19 August: Aaron, Jess, Matilda, Tom, Robaidh, Aiden, Charlie, Heather, Megan, Finlay, Amy and Grace.

As they have all season, the team acquitted itself admirably – everyone working for, supporting and encouraging each other and giving 100% effort in each of our five games. The team as a whole has continued to improve with each successive tournament and that was again apparent today with some terrific individual and collective performance.

As a group, the team was excellent in our first match, an outstanding 2-1 win over a big, strong Broadford side. This featured two magnificent long-range goals from Tom (who along with Aiden drove the team on all day) and Charlie. Robaidh, in his debut in the 7’s, also had a stand-out game.

Our performance against Portree A was just as good – a narrow 2-1 defeat, but with another great goal from Tom, this one a real team effort and also involving Charlie and Aiden, and with us playing some excellent football.

The team was also dominant against Lochalsh B, with only the goalposts and their goalkeeper stopping us from scoring a hat-full. Somehow the match that ended 0-0, but without the other team getting into our half. In our other games, the team again battled to another odd-goal loss to Portree B and just ran out of steam in our last match against NW Skye, losing 2-0 (& in this one they were hindered too by the coach’s hare-brained decision to try out a three-man midfield!).

Aside from those already mentioned, Aaron made some outstanding saves in goal – and credit too to Jess and Robaidh for also stepping up and volunteering to go between the sticks. Heather put in some shuddering tackles and Finlay continues to come on in leaps and bounds at the back. Every player, though, can yet again be proud of their efforts.



Twitter: @paulreesQ